viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

A new space and requirements for publication in the blog

We are pleased to announce our plans for the ‘new epoch’ for this blog. Within a couple of months it will re-emerge with a new title as

“Reading Changes: Literacy and Literature for Children and Young Adults”

The aim is for it to become a space for exchanging knowledge on issues of children's and Young Adult literature or on the literacy practices of children and young people through the publication of a summary and findings of Master’s dissertations or PhD thesis from any country around the world on these topics.
In this way, we can continue the conversation we have been having in the last two years. We believe these shared spaces are even more important now for increasing collaboration among people across nations and continents, for building bridges between researchers and teachers and creating connections that encourage an engagement with texts that is pleasurable and creatively stimulating but that also leads to a better understanding of human beings through literature and reading.
If you are interested in writing an entry, please see the detailed requirements below.
We would also like to take this opportunity to invite readers who have previously visited this blog to contact us with any comments about the entries of the previous two years, about any suggestions and in particular, about any ways in which the information disseminated through this blog has had an impact on your thinking, reading, researching or teaching. We would be very interested in knowing who you are and hearing about your reasons for visiting us so many times (please email Thank you in advance.
We hope you will continue to join us as readers or perhaps collaborators on this exciting new adventure which will begin at the end of October 2016.
Evelyn Arizpe and Laura Guerrero Guadarrama (Coordinators)
Javiera García Seguel and Camila Correa (Editors)

Requirements for publication in the blog
1. This space will be primarily to publish summaries of Master’s dissertations or PhD thesis, on issues of children's or Young Adult literature or the literacy practices of children and/or young people.
2. The approach can be theoretical or empirical and on any relevant genre.
3.It is also possible to submit a summary of a non-academic project, ie an initiative, workshop or other relevant event to the blog’s topic, as long as it is not simply a description but presentation, an analysis or discussion sustained by references to other studies or theoretical frameworks
4 .It must include the following (not necessarily in separate sections although every aspect must be clear):
a. Title
b. Brief biography of the author (100 words)
c. Objectives or research questions clearly marked
d. Context
e. Design and/or methodology - selection of texts
f. Analysis or discussion
g. Conclusions
h. References in the text following the Harvard style
i. Bibliography which has been cited (brief)
5. Maximum 1500 words (without bibliography)
6. Include two relevant images and point out where to place them in the text. Images should be selected so that there is no copyright infringement. Book cover images or photographs taken by the author may be included. If people appear in the photographs, especially children or young people, you must have their permission or, in the case of minors, permission from a family member. If more images of a picturebooks are required, this must be discussed with the editors.
7. The editors will translate the entry into Spanish (or English) if the author is unable to do so. The translation will be sent to the author before publishing.
8. If the text is not well written or presented, it will be returned to the author with suggestions.
9. The coordinators and editors reserve the right to reject texts have been re-written if the revisions are not considered adequate.
10. One entry per month will be published towards the end of the month, except in July and December and the editors will determine the order and timetable of publication.
11. By submitting their text, the authors grant permission for publication if selected. The content of the text is the responsibility of the authors.
12. Published authors will be sent a letter to confirm their participation in the blog.
13. A directory of authors will be created added to the blog.
14. Send submissions to
15. Send any questions about these requirements to
Camila Correa
Javiera García Seguel

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